Our services

 This service provides information about:-Library functioning-Library documents-Documents location-Opening hours-Borrowing and penalties-Library card-Photocopying-Users management-Information about the schools
 -Oriented search-Catalogue navigation-Location of documents in the library-Information needs identification-Searches validation-Internal and external resources searches (databases, electronic platforms, etc.)-Library user interaction
 Users can borrow all kinds of documents under the specific conditions mentioned below:-Reference loan – Loan for use at the library only.-Loan (normal) – Users can borrow documents. Reference works, journals, final reports of ESACB students, documents stamped with "Obra de consulta permanente. Não pode sair da Biblioteca" and documents included in the FEC (Conditioned loaning), are NOT available for borrowing.-Interlibrary loan – The Library can request items from other libraries. Nevertheless all the expenses are paid by the      user. Through Interlibrary loan (ILL) library can request items from other libraries and it can also loan items to other libraries. ILL  services must be requested at the library desk or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Internal users such as ESACB or ESART staff must identify themselves in order to obtain information about their requests. Other libraries/institutions should use our e-mail or the following address, ESACB or ESART, Biblioteca, Quinta de N. Sr.ª de Mércules, 6000-909 CASTELO BRANCO – PORTUGAL, tel. 272 33 99 00, fax 272 33 99 01, to contact us.-Overnight loan borrowing – This is an exceptional kind of borrowing. User can borrow the documents included in FEC from 4 pm (holidays) or 5.30 pm (academic year) to 9.30 am the following day.
 -Recall can be made by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -Documents included in FEC can be recalled.- The waiting list is by sequential order requests.
 -Photocopies.-Scanning.OBS. – Full text copying only when explicitly authorized.
 -Personal laptops.-Computers with free Internet access.
 -Users can read newspapers and skim the new titles.
 -Training courses for students (How to use the library; b-ON; etc.), for staff (b-ON, IPCB Scientific Repository).-Workshops.-Exhibitions.-Internal information activities.